dimecres, 24 d’octubre de 2018

Nova adreça!

A partir d'ara tenim una nova adreça on totes les escoles que participem en el projecte participem. Segueix-nos a https://carryontheflame.blogspot.com/

dimecres, 16 de maig de 2018


We don't know how but the last day is here...time to say goodbye! This is always hard, but all the experiences, good moments, new friends, etc. will stay in our hearts forever....

Last day in Lentvaris school

On Monday we met at the school at 8am. First of all, our Spanish team gathered together and we talked about our experiences, we all had had a great weekend with our hosts! Afterwards, we  were divided into international groups and each group had to sing a folk song in Lithuanese, German, Spanish or Portuguese. It was really funny and this way we discovered more things about our traditions! Then we did some activities talking about how we can preserve our heritage. Later on, we went home and in the evening we came back to school because we were having a party. There we took thousands of photos and we danced, it was the best way to say good bye! We were really tired so we went home to pack our suitcases.

Sandra Salvatella

Sunday with families

During this day we had free time, so my partner Eimantas, the partner of Gerard, Gerard and me went to drive karts, we did 6 laps and later we walked until a mountain where we made took pictures. 1 hour later we took the car to a beautiful lake, where we did a barbecue with all the family (it was delicious). After lunch, our partners wanted and we put our feet in the lake! But the day didn't finish here, we took the car again and we went to Trakai: it is a nice village where we rented a boat (with pedals) during one hour, it was so tiring!! After this we visited the work of the mother of Gerard's partner, it was in a fire station, so we could see the big cars of firefighters, a firefighter explained all about the cars and how they do their work.  Also we could see the big cars inside: it was  interesting. Then we went back home.

Rubén Gómez

Saturday visiting Lithuania

Day 4
The morning started by going to the school and taking a bus to Trakei.
First of all the Spanish, the Portuguese and the Germany people learnt to cook some “kibaia”, that is a traditional dish. Some time later we visited a Castle that was from de 13th century and it was very nice.
Later on we took another time the bus, but this time we went to Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.
There we visited a museum where we saw a video about the history of Lithuania and we used some 360º glasses.
At the end of the day we have some free time and Claudia and I stayed in Vilnius to go shopping.

Raquel Gonzalez

Second day at Lentvaris school

This day was a great day for me:  we had to be in the school at 8:15 and we gathered in assemblies of students by countries from 8:45, to 8:50. Then we  started an activity about Unesco heritage and then we  played Kahoot in international teams of 6 persons. After this we  had free time until 11:15 and we  created one game (Kahoot) about Spanish traditions. After this we  had lunch until 12:00. Then we  played some spoorts in international teams...what a nice experience!!

Gerard Cuartilla

First day in Lentvaris school

The morning started with the presentations about the different countries' heritage.
After this we had open space to do traditional Lithuanian artcraft: bracelets, painting on the stones and playing traditional instruments like “Skudučiai”. Also we did bookmarks with traditional Lithuanian ornaments.
Then we spent time learning about 25 most beautiful heritage places in the world. And then we were learnt a lot about Lithuania by playing Kahoot and Quizziz games.
After this we created some Quizziz and Kahoots about our countries.
At the end of the day we played some sports like  volleyball, football, darts and basketball. Big day!

Clàudia Gómez-Pastrana

Leaving to Lithuania

Wednesay 2nd of May was a great day which all of us were looking forward to arriving: we were travelling to Vilnius!! After some problems with traffic to cross the city everyone arrrived on time at the airport. Once there, we took some group pictures and then we did the check in.
After a while, we passed the security control, which any of us had any problems with. After having some free time in the airport we took the flight. Everything went fine and we arrived in Frankfurt, there we met the German team. We took the 2n flight to Vilnius where a bus was waiting to take us to Lentvaris. There we met for the first time outr host partners, whom we spent with the rest of the day with.

Andreu Oller

dilluns, 30 d’abril de 2018

Our presentations for the Lithuanian meeting!

Hi everybody!

Two days from now we will start our journey to Lentvaris, Lithuania, and we are truly excited with this experience! In this meeting we are going to show some of the project activities we have been doing over this school year. Here you have some videos we are going to present to our Erasmus+ friends this week...

divendres, 20 d’abril de 2018

A school year working on our rich heritage

Over this school year our students have been very working hard about our project. Here you have some presentations they have made about Barcelona's and Catalonia's heritage...

A video by Helena Lahora, Gerard Moya and Carlos López

a video by Josep Pallàs, Andreu Oller, Biel  Perpinya

a video by Alicia Becerra

a video by Maria Maroto

a video by Simon Shafrazyan

dijous, 14 de desembre de 2017


Today has been the last day we have been working because tomorrow we are going to visit somewhere in Lisbon.
In the morning, we all met at 8:15 in the school. The first thing that we did was taking an "oficial" picture of all the students and teachers. Later, we continued the work in groups to prepare some activities for the next meeting in Lithuania, in the spring of 2018.
While we were working, the two Marias (Valls and Maroto) played badminton in the sports centre of the school. We went to see how they played and to cheer them up.
We ate with our partners and, after that, in the afternoon, I went to a mall with some partners to buy some presents for our families.
We only have one day left to make the most of this experience! Guillem.

dimecres, 13 de desembre de 2017

Tuesday report by Maria Maroto

Hey everyone! 

Today has been a tiring but exciting day. We started by creating our own logo for our Erasmus+ project. We divided the class into 9 different groups and we  made different logos. After the break, we explained their meanings and we voted to decide which one should win. The winner group was number 1, Júlia's group!

After that, we learnt some games. We showed each other typical games in our country! For example, some Portuguese friends showed us how to play "Peixinho"! It was really funny and entertaining, but they did not allow us to "lie" in the game (you know we usually use strategies and some kind of "trampas", hahaha).

Then we had lunch in the canteen and I stayed with Guillem, Júlia and Albert during the free-time. We enjoyed a lot!

At 3:30 p.m., I continued with my part of the project, which was videomapping, to have it ready for watching the final video in the dinner. Videomapping consists in projecting a video on a surface. What we did was projecting different videos on the windows of the school, and it looked really cool. While my group continued with the project, the others started cooking the dinner and did some activities. I think they had a lot of fun cooking three Spanish omelettes and preparing the typical Catalan pà amb tomàquet and fuet!

Finally, we all met in the canteen to have dinner and enjoy that time. It was kind of farewell dinner, but we were the cooks! It was fantastic and we tasted the Portuguese codfish with sweet rice, the German soup with pancakes and the Lithuanian sweets and a different "soup" (I don't remember the name!). It was a great chance to discover the gastronomy of each country! We went outside to watch the videomapping to finish our day.

I think we have had a tiring day (because we did a lot of things) but so happy for everyone of us! This is being a great time to meet new friends and to learn about different cultures, and most important, to preserve our heritage.

I hope you all have a good night!

Thanks for reading,